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The Next 3 and a Half Years WILL BE THE Final Harvest As You Know It (Prophecy)

[NOTE: I received a prophetic “Love Letter” from Jesus on November 11, 2006. Inside it He first mentioned the 3 � year gift for His people. I’ve not included the complete message on this site as yet, due to insufficient time, but have included the area of the message where He discusses the 3 � years. I have included it here before His January 16, 2007 message for obvious reasons:
[November 11, 2006: “… three and one half years come to at this point you as a gift, not as a punishment. … the procedure of faith that flows now will continue to bless God’s people during this coming three and something half years, child. I will lead you. I will take you where you need to be and fulfill in you, and through you all, as one, My intent and grace and giving love forever, saith my Lord, Amen Amen and again Amen.
The left hand knows what the proper hand does in Me; MY OWN BODY is one, Chris. Not two or more, but one, always just one single. My Bride and Wife are one, never separated but always one, Amen Amen Amen, Christ is King.” Below in the January 16, 2007 God explains what the 3 � years should be used for!]
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January 16, 2007 “The Next 3 � Years Are … The Final Harvest YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW It”
To write for Me can be an honor, saith god, the father. Paul knew this and was grateful in order to write upon My voice. Not all who hear Me can, but should. Hold tight now Chris. I come, have come and continue being with you/Mine, child(ren) Amen. Usually do not despair. In the Old Testament the days began at sunset, as darkness rolled in. You have observed the earth’s sunset, and the darkness has just begun for those not in Christ. Pray that many will now reserve their “self” and/recognize and worship from within My heart, My Holy of Holies.
Understand that you, Mine, are protected and now stand as witnesses if you ask me, My Truth and light, upon the planet earth. Mine light will shine in the coming darkness, saith god, the father God Amen. No-one can stop the evil that now grows. My Will be done and in this matter finished. Let Peace come, saith He who’s the Amen.
Rise every morning with one desire: to serve Me in My Will and not your personal children. Time, literally time, is short(need) now, and every day with Me, My love and My peace, is really a gift given at/by the Right Hand of God Amen.
Do not hesitate to defend myself against Apostleship. Discipleship is over for most of Mine, and adulthood is upon them. I have prepared and saved My strong for these days, saith He who is. Each one, whether in Heaven or Earth, are chosen for live as one within Me. I’M Spirit, Amen Amen and again Amen.
(1)Remember that another three and one half (3 �) years certainly are a time of Harvest, the final harvest as you know it. Bring if you ask me heart broken, spiritually strong, children who, through example, have been “raised up” through My flow through you.
Understand, as the original Apostles did, that efforts are within Christ’s love/heart and there is nothing accomplished without Me. Understand and KNOW each day is given to Me, and My controlling love, through My grace in you, Amen Amen and again Amen. I recognize and anoint during this time period, as always, for Mine name’s sake. My gifts are to prepare, edify, and announce My arrival upon the planet earth. Nothing will cease now until that is done and Christ, I, rule as King.
Be measured from within, as well as on the battlefield, daily. Usually do not cease loving no real matter what the test/temptation distributed by My one enemy, satan. WHEN I AM one, so is he. Love each other, openly embrace Christ in you. Each one of you is gifted for Mine, and suitable to the particular gift(s) I have given. Each of you has something to shar

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